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Horse Boarding Facilities

At Kings Korner, we are an ever evolving equine facility, with a high standard of excellence in all we do. Our mission is to bring together horse lovers of all disciplines, and provide a safe, fun, and relaxed, yet affordable environment in which to enjoy your horse. Horses are our passion too, and we go out of our way to keep you and your partner happy.

The Barn and Common Areas

We have a heated 60 x 170 arena, with well maintained footing for your enjoyment.

Our heated barn has fifteen stalls, all 12 x 12 with the exception of two 10 x 12s. All stalls floors boast the very best in stall matting, the Stable Comfort system by Promat. Learn how this system can reduce joint and respiratory stress in your horse on their site. Stalls are cleaned every day, and bedded with soft wood shavings.

The wide, open and uncluttered aisle way adds to your safety and convenience. We provide both fixed, and bungee type cross ties.

Outdoor Paddocks

There are 16 individual pens, with shelters.

Our pasture board fields are split by gender, reducing injuries.

The horses have access to fresh water and salt during their turnout.

The horses either have access to hay at all times, (big round) or they will be fed 2 times a day, with small square bales of fresh hay, this is the normal feeding schedule.

Summer Turn Out Hours

In the summer your horse will be turned out @ 8:30 am, and come in early evening @ 4:00 pm.

Winter Turn Out Hours

In the winter your horse will be turned out @ 8:30 am, and come in early afternoon @ 3:00pm. Weather permitting.

Feed & Feeding Schedules

Standard Feeding Schedule

Included with stall board your horse will be fed hay twice a day, while in a private pen or turnout pen. Horses that are turned in for indoor board will also be given hay for the evening while in stall. If your horse is turned out into the general board area they will have unlimited access to round bales, at the ratio of one bale per every five horses. This ensures your horses safety, and makes sure your partner is eating, even when low on the totem pole!

Custom Feeding Schedules Available, please phone Cara for details.

Boarding Fees

Board is due on the first of every month, if you are late paying your board, a two dollar charge will have to be paid every day unless specific arrangements are made between you and Kings Korner.

Expectations of the Boarder

  • You will ride your horse in a safe manner at all times and for insurance purposes we encourage you to wear a helmet.
  • We expect that you clean up after yourself and your horse in all common areas such as the arena, aisles and breezeway.
  • Turn off lights in the arena when you are finished and if you are the only or last person in the barn you will turn off the lights as you are leaving.
  • Any door or gate you open please close when you are finished.
  • If you would like your horse blanketed you must provide the blankets.
  • If you have any concerns that you bring them to us immediately, we are here for you to talk to, if you have an issue lets get it resolved before it escalates.
  • Smoking permitted in designated areas only. No smoking in barn or arena.

    Boarding Requirements

  • Proof of liability insurance for you and your horse, example AEF insurance.
  • Proof of vaccinations and worming of your horse must be provided.

    Our bulletin board will contain a list of veterinarians used at the facility, it will also contain our schedule for vaccinations and worming.

    Please feel free to use your own veterinarian or make arrangements with the Barn Manager to use one of our vets.

    If you don't already have a veterinarian may we suggest: Dr. Rodney Gale (780) 863-1217

    Coaches and Farriers

    You may bring in a coach for your horse but they must provide a copy of insurance to coach on the premises. There will also be a 20% lesson fee as per lesson.

    You may use the farrier of your choice or use the farrier that we work with to shoe or work on your horse.

    We hate to see you go

    If, and when, you decide our facility no longer meets your needs, we expect you will give 30 days notice or pay one month's board in lieu of notice.

    There will be no trailer on premises to transport your horse, so if you need a trailer you must provide your own trailer for transport, or talk to us to arrange a trailer.

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